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What can we do different, better and enhance the experience?

Experience, Knowledgeable and passionate media experts will exceed your highest expectations and introduce you to a world that delivers unmeasurable results.

We focus on crowd behavior, defining the audience that is exactly right for you. Delivering your message and connecting you to the world that is looking for you is what we do.

A Singular Focus on a strategic approach to ensure that you will reach your audience effortlessly and effectively. We own the expertise define your target audience your product desires.

The world of digital skills, innovation, and analytics

“Limitations live only in our minds.  But if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.”

Join our world of comprehensive digital marketing and social media business development solutions, where we combine digital marketing analytics and mobile skills to create a customer experience driven by performance and results.

We offer an exclusive digital experience that services the holistic (A–Z) digital needs of our select real estate partners and business clients.

We develop real digital marketing insights which we implement to create result-driven engagement with new and existing customers.  The business world is continuously evolving. This demands not only instant response times, but multi-faceted skills in the digital marketing arena.

Visionaries drive the world of digital


We share a collective vision that is manifested out of a deeply connected company culture, transparent business practices and a mutual desire to successfully integrate the world of digital marketing and technology with the real estate industry.

By strategically aligning ourselves with the most respected and reputable brands in the industry, we aim to ensure and maintain competitor-leading levels of professionalism and attention to detail.


We do what a digital partner should be doing: we listen. A group of dynamic and innovative media, tech and marketing specialists is ready to hear your unique story.

Our alchemy lies in the efficient, yet cost-effective, integration of tech, digital media and exceptional real estate developments. Our goal is to facilitate the growth of a select group of visionary development companies through embracing the digital revolution and optimising our clients, partners and their employees.


Through our creative process and innovative thinking we can reverse engineer your audience and produce creative material that speaks.

This is what achieves measurable results on digital platforms and we have the team and circle of competence to do just that. From writers and designers to art directors and cutting-edge architectural visualization, we have it all (not to mention a fully-fledged photo and film and production studio).

Poised for passion and defined by an unwavering focus on creative, it is delivering the best that distinguishes us from the rest. Our inspiring creative department crafts astonishing experiences that will become exceptional memories.


It’s all about timing and content.

From Facebook to Instagram and everything in between, we offer comprehensive weekly or monthly campaigns

that engage your prospective clients with a storytelling capability to introduce and grow your business worldwide.

Content Calendar Design

Product Calendar Design

Content Implemetation and maintenance

Product Implementation and Management

Community Management

Ad Campaigns


Social Media Pixel

Weekly Monthly Reporting


Digital Emailer

Digital Illustrator Content Design and Editing

Short Showcases

Interactive Social Web designs

The sense of continuity

With a singular focus on excellence and continuous customer care, we constantly reinvent ourselves and embrace the latest technology, trends and ideas. Our team establishes and maintains personal relationships with each platform, allowing us to optimize and make the most of every update that we deliver or roll out.

These connections help us to understand paid media better than anyone else. We work in synergy with clients to develop an approach that reaps the full potential of earned and owned media.

A culture that the best leaders in the world remain students

With a deep focus on company culture, creativity and innovation, we have a well-balanced complement of creative talent and technically adept digital specialists.

By aligning ourselves with industry leaders, experienced professionals and reputable brands, we have cultivated and sustained our proprietary formula for success.

Obsessed with performance

We thrive off ideas, communication and transparency in our pursuit of new experiences. It is our pride to be bold, adaptive and always embrace a challenge. We run our own race and this is our competitive advantage: delivering a rare, sought-after experience shaped by our unique culture of perseverance and humility.

Join us in our journey by taking the next step towards positioning your brand where consumer attention is today, tomorrow and in the future. Welcome to the world of Digital Marketing with Annerette and One Eighty Media.

“You have to learn the rules of the game, and then you have to play better than anyone else.” 

The Power of Digital Marketing: When, Why & How


The world is developing swiftly at an increasingly digital speed.

Modern digital technology casts the net of communities even wider through social networks, and interaction becomes more seamless via email and communication apps.


Daily tasks are accomplished faster and more efficiently with online shopping and organisational tools. Digital power streamlines business operations and logistics.

Life is becoming so rapidly computerized that by 2020, the new generation will be entirely dependent on this technology, for both social and business purposes.


Recent research indicates that by the year 2020, a generation will have grown up in an entirely digital world.  They will not remember a time without computers, smart phones or the internet.

Interconnectivity has affected billions of people, touching each person’s life in some way.  This has totally transformed how we interact, work and consume.

The world’s transformation with digital technology


Digital technology will impact three major areas that relate to most marketing segments:

Consumerism – Reshaped   Shifted    Instantaneous

  • The digital world has reshaped the way that consumers interact.
  • It has shifted focus to an instant need for information, goods and services.
  • This places an expectation on producers to instantly meet the needs of consumers.
  • In turn, consumers are more likely to give out information, discuss topics online and trust the opinion of their social networks when making purchase decisions.

Digitisation – Less becomes more

  • Digital technology enhances the speed of greater technological innovation, continually expanding its influence and creating new platforms.
  • Conversely, as digital becomes more prolific, the cost of digital products and activities decreases.
  • In business, transitioning from the real world to an online environment entails hiring fewer employees and reducing brick and mortar costs that normally monopolize our budgets.

Economics: A win-win situation

  • The financial and time-saving benefits of an increasingly digitized world have escorted in a wave of new technologies and modes of behaviour.
  • Both businesses and consumers (buyers and sellers) are rewarded for the early adoption and efficient use of technology within their markets.

Love of Beauty is Taste –

The Creation of Beauty is Art


Digitization not only creates seemingly endless opportunities, it also cultivates a culture of infinite choices and millions of competing messages.

Marketing communication no longer depends on pen and ink alone; it must be circulated across a variety of digital platforms.

For business owners or producers, this makes it increasingly difficult to differentiate your brand in the vastness of the internet, let alone to convert potential customers.


It is important not to separate digital technology from marketing, but rather to integrate it into your strategy for optimum interaction with an integrated audience. The value of treating digital marketing not just as a “bolt on” but as a necessity has been highlighted by many experts.

All marketing should have a digital component to compete in a connected world.


Unlocking marketing success in a digital environment is crucial for any business. It requires effective dialogue with consumers and allowing them to engage more directly with businesses and producers.

Harnessing digital technology demands more real time interaction with customers. This entails the need to have digital technologies, information and even staff in place to enable instantaneous communication and connections.


The first step in the digital marketing process is to create exceptionally creative and appealing content.

The deciding factor in achieving success is following up this content with engagement opportunities and instant, meaningful communication with consumers.  This is the so-called golden ticket for businesses.

There is pressure on producers to predict consumer behaviour.  We must engage with them at the right time and in a dynamic manner to strategically target and reach the most valuable audience


Improving your digital marketing share involves understanding and reading your competition, and assessing their methods and channels for delivery.

As the adage goes, “keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.” This strategy allows you to learn their greatest successes and largest points of vulnerability.


With the right approach, digital technology can work wonders for your business.

It is essential to have a specific idea of what you want to achieve.  This simplifies communication with your selected audience, helping you to develop a stronger, more targeted message across digital platforms.


Relying on a diverse team of talent and content producers to master your marketing plan will refocus your business and generate strength through cross-functionality.

The easiest way to achieve this is by utilising digital talent and focusing on specialists.


Your marketing tasks will be allocated to digital experts who are best suited to your strategy.

We bring – and you receive – a wealth of specialist knowledge and experience to your brand and project.  This comes at a lower financial cost to your organisation while still allowing you to maximize your return on investment.

Gaining an edge on the competition is challenging in the digital environment. But in understanding the technological landscape, designing with a creative mind and honing a future-forward spirit, a demand will be created.

Your business will change and be enhanced by results that drive future performance. This will create and increase your competitive advantage, setting you apart from the rest.