First, it is impossible, then it is difficult, then it is done.

- Dr James Hudson Taylor

“Each one of our “canvases” is a timeless masterpiece that truly does speak a thousand words. Instead of painting with colours and brushes, we paint with light. The camera is the palette and the tool.”

An industry success story with over twenty-eight years of local and international experience, Etienne’s camera skills are simply in a class of their own.

Having experienced unimaginable adventures in over 60 countries, Etienne’s lens has witnessed vibrant cultures, challenging situations, fascinating people and places.

These encounters have given him a unique perspective on life which in turn brings depth and richness to every project he undertakes – whetherthat’s filming the stark bright white expanse of the Antarctic in -40 degrees, the Great Wall of China, underwater crocodiles and sharks, or a multi-million dollar ocean-front property development..

Step into the unimaginable world


International Brand Creators has become a powerhouse in the filming industry, providing first-class video, broadcast and film production services.

Our lens has extended to:

  • International and locally recognised lifestyle TV shows, including Top Billing
  • New York, London, Paris and Milan Fashion weeks
  • Exclusive interviews with international musicians, celebrities and prominent figures
  • Capturing world-class architecture and property developments in top destinations
  • On a global stage, we capture moments that others think are impossible