Into the world of Etienne Neser - Executive Producer

“Instead of painting with colours and brushes, I just paint with light. The camera is my palette and my tool.”

Etienne: Film Director & Executive Producer

HD Cameraman 26 Years
Traveled 48 Countries
Extreme Y6 Drone Pilot(owner/Operator)
PADI Diver Cameraman
D.O.P Top Billing  Freelance

At the age of 18, Etienne took his first steps into the world of television. He trained as a cameraman while doing compulsory national service in South Africa. While others were carrying guns, Etienne was carrying a camera!

‘I had always dreamed of becoming an artist ‘, he says, ‘and during these early years I soon realised that working behind a camera is just a different form of painting. It’s functional art’.

As an Executive Producer Etienne has worked on numerous internationally recognised lifestyle TV shows including Top Billing. He has been fortunate enough to embark on the kinds of adventures that most of us will only dream of and has rubbed shoulders with big name celebrities from across the globe.

Etienne’s dedication to his craft and passion for what he does has enabled him build a reputation as a true leader in his field, while forging many lifelong friendships along the way.

Each one of his ‘canvases’ is a timeless masterpiece that truly does speak a thousand words.

From time to timeless – A picture speaks a thousand words

  • Film & TV Production
  • Business showcases
  • Audio/ Sound
  • Movies
  • TV Commercials
  • Cinematography
  • Drone Expert
  • Interviews
  • Still photography
  • Producing
  • Directing
  • Editing
  • Rendering
  • Copywriting

Step into the unimaginable world


Etienne refers to his incredible array of work experiences as time spent in ‘the university of life’. All of the vibrant cultures and different traditions he has encountered over the years have given him a totally unique perspective on things.

Trekking across the Great Wall of China, seeing Emperor Qin Shi Huang’s tomb and filming the stunning bright white expanses of the Antarctic in -40℃ temperatures… these are just a few of the spectacular assignments he has completed across the globe.

During his career Etienne has definitely had his fair share of challenging shoots including filming both crocodiles and sharks underwater. And one of his biggest remaining dreams is to film leopard seals in their ice cold Antarctic Ocean habitat.

Etienne’s schedule can be very demanding and he has had to get used to dealing with a body clock that is always a little off kilter. But during his busiest and toughest days he often thinks of one his favourite quotes from Dr. Martin Luther King:

“I’ve got a dream, it’s not unrealistic and I’m still going to do it because reality is built on dreams.”

Etienne is true powerhouse in the filming industry who gets out there everyday and captures the shots that others think are impossible.

In the words of was Dr. James Hudson Taylor: ‘First it is Impossible, then it is difficult, then it is done”.